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Is Air Pollution Increasing the COVID-19 Death Rate?

Without COVID-19, air pollution takes lives; with COVID-19, it takes more.

The aftermath of coronavirus is associated with respiratory and cardiovascular problems, similar to the effects of air pollution. So, there is no doubt that COVID-19 and air pollution have a strong association. But, how deadly is the combination?


Treatment plants would stop sewage from directly mixing into the main River and…

Despite relentless efforts to clean Bagmati and its tributaries by the Bagmati River Cleanup Mega Campaign, the condition of Bagmati is still not satisfactory. The river is still polluted and more effort is needed to restore Bagmati River to its former glory.…

Are wildfires increasing or intensifying?

Global burned areas have declined in the last two decades; however wildfires are…

Wildfire is an essential ecological process. Human have coexisted with fire for thousand years; however natural phenomenon have been altered since last century. Although global burned areas have dropped by 25% since 2003, some parts of the globe are…


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