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Drone to count migrating turtles Near Great Barrier Reef

The drone used by the researchers recorded roughly 64,000 relocating green turtles

Green Sea Turtle (Chelonia mydas) STATUS: ENDANGERED (Source:

Australian analysts captured a staggering scene that looks like something out of Finding Nemo. The drone used by the researchers recorded roughly 64,000 green turtles relocating close Australia’s Great Barrier Reef for settling season, as CNN reported.

The film from the Queensland Government’s Department of Environment and Science (DES) spotted the turtles congregating at the world’s biggest green turtle rookery at Raine Island, a vegetated coral cay roughly 385 miles northwest of Cairns in Queensland, agreeing to CNN.

The sheer number of turtles shocked the researchers who realized they had thought little of the number of green turtles within the zone by 50 percent, agreeing to Voice of America’s YouTube post appearing the film.

“We were underestimating that a lot. We’re finding 1.73 times more turtles with the ramble … when we straightforwardly compare with the spectator tallies,” Dr. Andrew Dunstan, from the DES, told CNN Tuesday, including that the group can presently go back and alter memorable populace estimates.

Prior to utilizing rambles, analysts would check turtles as they landed on the shoreline to lay eggs. They would at that point check the turtles with non-toxic paint to track them within the sea. Be that as it may, precisely tallying thousands of painted and unpainted turtles from a pontoon within the water demonstrated troublesome and untrustworthy, concurring to the Voice of America post.

Using a ramble is simpler, more secure, much more exact, and the information can be quickly and forever put away,” Dunstan, Senior investigate researcher and lead creator of a paper around the turtles distributed in PLOS ONE on Thursday, said in an explanation, as CNN reported.

“We sort of got to be mindful that in spite of the fact that there are these enormous conglomerations, the genuine generation isn’t working so well,” said Dunstan to CNN, clarifying that his group taken note turtles were falling off cliffs, getting to be caught within the warm and enduring flooding in their nests.

In their articulation, as Anticipation famous, the DES said they’re “taking activity to progress and revamp the island’s settling shorelines and building a wall to anticipate turtle passing’s, all working to fortify the island’s versatility and guarantee the survival of our northern green turtles and numerous other species.”

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