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27.4 million for Nepal to fight climate crisis

Fund for Vulnerable Communities and Ecosystem

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The 26th board meeting held on  19 August 2020 provides USD 27.4 million in funding to address the climate-resilient issues. Green Climate Fund (GCF) approves the project entitled “Improving Climate Resilience of Vulnerable Communities and Ecosystems in the Gandaki River Basin in Nepal”.

This project is eco friendly and it helps to control climate change. This project targets 19 districts from Province No 3, 5, and Gandaki Province. It is approved under the Least Developed Countries of the South Asia region and needs to be completed within 7 years.

According to Dr. Maheshwor Dhakal who is also the Chief of Climate change Unit – MoFE said that this is good news where the basic project activities need to be focused on climate-resilient initiatives in Gandaki River Basin. The team should seriously work out to meet the expectations of people and make remarkable changes.

“The local government should come with the concept of co-financing, where green jobs can be created for local people who migrated from abroad due to COVID-19 can take project benefits,” he added.

GCF is a collective achievement through the effort of the Ministry of Forests and Environment (MoFE), National Trust for Nature Conservation ( NTNC), International Union for Conservation of Nature (IUCN), and Ministry of Finance as National Designated Authority.

Dr. Prahlad Thapa, Country Representative of IUCN further announced that the project mainly focused on; landslide, river cutting, recharge of water resources, and low land indentation. The steering committee at the central level and coordination committee at the provincial level will accelerate to develop an annual plan and strategy for the timely accomplishment of the project. He appeals to all three-tier government and major stakeholders and private agencies for close coordination in drought and flood-tolerant aiming to meet the set targets.

Dr. Manish Raj Pandey, Senior Conservation Officer- NTNC said that this is the payback of our work on developing this project proposal right from November 2016. GCF’s process is very tough. The series of consultation and coordination with global experts, policymakers, technocrats, and the National Designated Authority (Ministry of Finance) and line other ministries resulted to get this project.

“This project is developed to contribute to the government’s river basin approach to address climate change issues by building the climate resilience of both communities and ecosystems in the Gandaki River Basin. Now we are moving ahead for proper planning and implementation of the project in a given time frame.’ he added.

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