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National Online Video Competition for Nepali youth – Biodiversity Nepal
Biodiversity Nepal
For the Future Generation

National Online Video Competition for Nepali youth

If you are in between age range 16-30. This opportunity is for you.


To bring out and promote the sustainable initiatives being carried out by the local governments all over Nepal
To make youths aware about, and engaged in the works of their local goverments
To engage Nepali youths in a productive way online on sustainability action
To help replicate innovative green/sustainable initiatives all over Nepal.


Make a video as per the video guidelines and email it to by 31st August with:

Title of the Video
Participant’s Name (s)
Age (s)
Education (s)
Name of the Local Government implementing the project
Location, Province
Participant’s Photo (s)


Cash prize for three winners
1st Prize: Rs. 10,000
2nd Prize: Rs. 5,000
Social Media Prize: Rs. 5,000 for the video with the highest social media engagement
Participants with the best entries will get selected for “Green Fellowship’ to work with their Local Governments to implement a new project idea
All submissions will be promoted via the HCI Facebook page.
All participants will be provided with a certificate of participation.


The video should be a maximum of 5 minutes in length recorded in landscape mode.
The language used in the video can be either Nepali or English.
The video should illustrate how your Local Government is embracing sustainable programs or initiatives to make your locality more sustainable and the initiative must positively contribute to achieving either one or more of the Sustainable Development Goals mentioned below.

The video must clearly indicate which SDG the initiative contributes towards. The video should clearly capture the following things about the Sustainable initiative:
Clearly define what problem it is solving
Should include the actual footage of the implemented project
Should include the interview/sound bytes from local leaders/elected representatives (e.g. Ward Chairperson/Ward Member/Chairperson of Municipality/Rural Municipality) as well as local people or other beneficiaries.
Should include information such as when the project was started, impacts, who are/how many beneficiaries, etc.
The video quality must be good resolution and the audio must be audible. (can be recorded from good quality mobile phone cameras as well, professional camera is not required)
Participants don’t have to be a videographer and video does not need to be professionally produced. We encourage amateur videos equally.
NOTE: No political party can be mentioned or promoted through the video.


Participation can be done individually or in a team of 2 people
Participant/s should be Nepali citizen of age range 16-30.
Participation from rural/remote Palikas/ or Palikas comprised of marginalized communities of Nepal is highly encouraged.
The sustainability initiative covered should be partly or fully funded, and owned by the local government.
The initiative should be already implemented, not in the idea stage.
The facts mentioned in the video Entry should be true, valid, and verifiable.


Relevance to the topic
Clarity and Conciseness in capturing the initiative
Replicability of the idea
Social Media Activity

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