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Virtually Conducted 1st Semi-Final Round

Green Commando Earth conducted the 1st semifinal round of National Debate Competition

August 25 2020, at 1:00 P.M Green Commando Earth organized 1st semi-final round of National Debate Competition virtually through Zoom platform via live from the pages.

The moderator Barsha Raut started the program guided by Sita Bashyal as a co-host. It was formally started by national anthem. The short Video introducing the partner was played followed by introducing all the judges’ panel for the day Mr. Pashuram Niraula, Ms Barsha Bhandari, Mr Suman Giri. Then, Co-host, welcome all the 16 finalist and participant’s also introducing housekeeping rule.

Then, the debate was formally held between the 16 debaters. Moving forward 2 wild card entry fight for 1 position for the semi-final. After that, the remarks for the programme was given by judge panel. Final result was announced by Ashish Lamichhane, program head where 8 finalist where selected with the wild card entry.

The closing remarks was given by Ashish Lamichhane , congratulating all the top Finalist for 2nd semi-final round, also giving vote off thanks to the all the judge panel for their support and presence for the program.

The 16 debaters fight for the 2nd semifinal round where 2 were selected for wild card entry among which 1 was selected. The debate topic include all the social educational issue were debater’s talks for or against the motion.

Every debaters gave their best using the logic evidence and refutes arguments. Every topic was based on the issues that we are facing in which they beautifully crafted the entire topic. The top 7 Finalist  Samriddhi Dev, Samarth Jha, Prisma Pokharel, Tika Pandey , Ashis Saspkota , Subhechhya Aryal, Indira Pandey with 1 Wild card entry of Agrata Sharama gave their best with the perfect facts evidence and knowledge were selected for the 2nd semi-final round.

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