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2nd semi-final of National Level Debate Competition

The program was started by moderator Barsha Raut  guided by Sita Basyal and Yalina Thapa. It was formally started by National-Anthem. The short video was played introducing all supporting partner followed by introducing all the judge panel for the day, Abhisek Khadka , Mega Bajaj, Prashant  Adhikari.

The moderator welcomed all the 8 finalist and participants introducing house-keeping rules. Moving forward Yalina Thapa called upon the finalist to debate on the topic related to environment and agriculture and health highlighting the major issues.

In the first phase, the topic was on Environment where 4 contestants gave their strong arguments, emphasizing the facts that plastic has cause very serious impacts on the marine ecosystem were opponent strongly argue showing the convenient of plastic bag.

In the second phase, the debaters’ debate on the agriculture and food topic giving their views on the organic and chemical fertilizers, highlighting the issues of corona pandemic where Samartha Jha strongly said that “eating chemical fertilizer’s food have a strong impact on the immune system” where another opponent strongly argue by saying the right combination of NPK fertilizer help more in production.

After that, remarks and feedback was given by the judging panel and also the supporting partners. They thanked and wished good luck for further programs. The Judge request to use more evidence and highlighted for the biodegradable plastic. 

Following that the 4 finalists (Sambriddhi Dev, Subhekchhya Aryal, Indira Neupane, Samartha Jha) were announced by Srijana. At last, the vote of thanks and closing remarks was given by Ashish Lamichhane, Program Head. 

Written by,

Apekshya Thakurathi

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