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A new species of bird has been recorded during birding

A bird Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata) discovered in Chitwan,Nepal. Photo: Karan Giri

Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata),  a species of bird has been noted in the garden of Barahi Jungle Resort Pvt. Ltd., Meghauli, West Chitwan, Nepal. The is reported by Karan Giri and Mrs Asma Gurun of Chitwan with a photo clicked during birding.

The bird in the photo was confirmed as ‘Striolated bunting’ by experts Carol Inskipp, Hathan Chaudhary, Dinesh Giri and Som GC, and was given to National Parks and Wildlife Conservation to include in the list of birds of Nepal.

The Department of National Parks and Wildlife Conservation had verified that this bird flew for the first time in Nepal. The department’s decision further said, “It has been mentioned to include the bird in the list of Nepal”. By tallying this one the number of birds reported in Nepal is 887.

This bird is found in 22 countries, including Israel, Iran, Pakistan, India, Sudan, Somalia, Ethiopia and Kenya. These birds used to stay in grasslands, mountains and deserts. According to the International Union for Conservation of Nature, the number of birds of this species has been increasing in current times.

Giri recalls capturing a photo of that bird and says, ‘9 October 2018,  ‘ This place isn’t far from the national park. We were wandering with the camera. It must have been around 9.45 in the morning. The sun was shining.  We saw the bird. It came to the cotton tree 30-35 meters away from where we were sitting, sat for a while and flew away. Meanwhile, Photos were clicked.

A bird Striolated Bunting (Emberiza striolata) discovered in Chitwan,Nepal. Photo: Karan Giri

At that time, it seemed like other common buntings. Later, On further examination, the bird was new for the country. I am happy now. He added, “this achievement has encouraged me to do more work”.

Giri is an inhabitant of Kalika Municipality Ward No. 3, Kankatta of Chitwan. He is affiliated with Barahi Jungle Resort Pvt. Ltd. Gurung of Meghauli currently lives in Kathmandu.


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