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Sambridhi Dev wins National Debate Competition

Green Commando Earth virtually conducted the Final with the announcement of Winner 

On August 29, 2020, the final day of debate competition was successfully held which was organized by Green Commando Earth. There were 4 competitors in which only one winner was chosen. The Judge panel for the day was Sunil Manandhar (Former Environment Minister), Pramisha Thapaliya( Environmental and Climate Activist). The debate topic was moreover to Environment and economics.

On the global pandemic of COVID 19, GEC organized a debate program for students to show their talent and to bring them forward by conducting National Level Competition, where students from different places of Nepal took part.

The moderators for the program were Barsha Raut and Adarsha Khatiwada. The program was formally started by the National-Anthem. The short videos of participants were played for the welcome of the chief- guest Kalyani Shah, Ganesh Shah along with other guests. 

The program was followed by congratulating the participants and welcoming all of the audience by Shrijana Adhikari. Rachana kharel (GCE member) made the environment more enjoyable by her beautiful dance.

The program was divided between the two sessions, the first topic for the program was “ Nijgadh Airport -Destruction or development”. The four contestants were chosen for the debate in which only two were chosen for the second session. They were Shubhechchha Aryal and Sambridhi Dev.  Sambriddhi shows the fact about the worst condition to be faced by nature due to destruction were Shubhechha opposed showing the economic benefits.

After that, the GCE member made refreshment activities which were followed by the second session were two of them have to head debate and the topic was “EV taxation: Need during an economic crisis or a step back in the promotion of alternative energy”. Samriddhi dev talk against the motion where she told that putting tax doesn’t help actually for the development.

The Judge panel and the guest gave them remarks and suggestion for the team and vote of thanks was given by Samip Raj poudel. The sponsor’s team also gave remarks. Sambriddhi Dev was announced the winner after the session and debate ended.

The winner was given 2000 cash prize with E-certificate. And the first runner up was given 1200 along with the certificate. For further, they announced to involve in a part of Sustainable Week Kathmandu and Green Commando Earth. 

The Program was formally ended by the remarks and also vote of thanks to all of the participants by Ashish Lamichhane, program head. The program was huge and successfully conducted virtually through zooms via live with the pages.

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