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Four people, with the skin of Red Panda, arrested from Birendranagar.

Illegal poaching for various parts of Red Panda is one of the major cause of decline in their numbers.

Four People arrested with Skin of Red Panda in Birendranagar, Surkhet.

Four people, with the skin of a rare red panda, have been arrested. They were arrested from Bhavana Panchkoshi Hotel at Birendranagar-6.

Among the arrested are 26 years old, Manoj BK, of Naumule Rural Municipality-2, Dailekh, 42 years old Man Bahadur Sunar,29 years old Padam Bahadur Sunar, of the same Rural Municipality-3 and 40 years old Sabita Thapa, of Narayan Municipality-9, according to the District Police Office.

A shy red panda peeking out of the branches. Photo: Kamal Thapa/WWF Nepal

They were on the second floor of the hotel. During a search of their room and bag, police found the skin of a rare red panda wrapped in a towel inside a blue bag.

They were sent to the Division Forest Office, Surkhet for further investigation.

Translated from the online version of Pahilo Post published on 21 October, 2020, written by P.B. Khadka.

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