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Lily says that she fought against deadly Canine Parvovirus (CPV): A dog perspective

Canine Parvovirus is a highly contagious virus that affects dog's gastrointestinal tracts.


Hello, I am Lily, a Japanese Spitz. I came to this earth on 27th September 2020 as a gift to the Dhakal family. Here, I got to meet two friends: Dodo, the dog, and Baby, the cat. We, together, go for a walk. We eat, play, and sleep together. In fact, I am very happy here. This is my family now. I am receiving lots of care and love and I also love my dad, mom, sisters, and my two friends.

All the days were very special to me but suddenly one day I had a stomach ache. I couldn’t eat the boiled chicken minced rice then my family was worried. I went out and tried eating some grasses but still, I couldn’t. My eyes were tired and I was feeling lethargic.

Smelly bloody diarrhoea

When I did not have any progress on my health then they took me to the Sukra Vet of Madhyapur Thimi. I was vomiting along the way as well. The Veterinary doctor checked my fever and injected the medicine for gastritis and fever. They also fed me Vitamin-B complex. They all were in the hope that I will be fine soon but still my condition was critical.

They tried feeding me curd rice but I vomited and then bloody diarrhoea. Then consulting with the vets furthermore I came to know that these may be the chance of Parvovirus. I lost bodyweight rapidly and was losing appetite as well. I was confused because my body asked for water but it refused to hold it inside, I vomited immediately.

White foam vomit

I was brought to Valley Animal Clinic, Koteshwor and I was tested positive for  Canine Parvovirus (CPV). Doctor Nabin Shrestha said that I was late in getting the vaccine. If I was vaccinated in time, I could have avoided these viral attacks. The doctor said, ‘The main concern after domesticating a dog is to give a vaccine after 45 days of birth.’

As per the doctor’s advice, I need to have three days of medication with saline water and antibiotics.

In three days it would be confirmed whether I may die or survive. Luckily, I was not being admitted to the hospital. Then, I was regularly taken to the hospital. Oh, my family! They can’t let me go. I have seen their tears. They were waiting for my barking. It became three days of medication.

A medication for CPV in Valley Animal Clinic, Koteshwor

Though I had made some progress on my health, the situation was not good. Then the medication was further extended to seven days. The frequency of vomiting and diarrhoea reduced. The doctor prescribed some medicines and food. Then I came home on 2nd November 2020. I am energetic now. I can play, run, and bark. I still need to get some diet and medicines to recover my wound in the gut. I started eating soft food and soon I will be gaining weight. I am proud of getting a loving, caring family. Because of their care, love, tears, and hope of Doctor and family, I build up my will power and fight against the deadly Canine Parvovirus. I suggest all the dog owners take care of your dog and give the vaccine in time.


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