Biodiversity Nepal
For the Future Generation

Caterpillar hunter

It is the caterpillar hunter which is found in Skiatook. These fiery searchers used to climb the trees in search of the caterpillar.

Turtle with golden colour

A golden turtle has been discovered in Nepal for the first time by the Mithila Wildlife trust. This turtle is also known as an avatar of Lord Vishnu. 

Climate Change Myths

In 1987 carbon collecting device was invented by china which gathers the carbon from the environment (surrounding, sky) and takes it inside the land.…


Human civilizations aren’t well developed because humans are categorized according to their wealth. Due to weak in politics, the greedy people of…

Centralization or decentralization

In a centralized country, every citizen has their own rights to choose which is right or wrong but in decentralized country citizen voice can’t be…

Eastern or western culture

Western culture has changed and helped Nepali women by replacing the kitchen room into the cabin and offices. Western cultures treat men and women…